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What to expect if your child is arrested for theft

Juveniles can find themselves in serious trouble for crimes that may seem minor. In Florida, the property value threshold for grand theft, for example, is only $300, which means shoplifting even just a couple clothing items could set your child up for grand theft charges.

Grand theft is a felony, and the penalties reflect the harshness of that designation. Leaving your child's case up to the courts is a dangerous option that could alter their future.

What are common internet crimes?

Internet crimes require a strong defense because of the serious penalties and consequences an individual accused of committing certain internet crimes may face. Because computers are such a common part of our daily lives, many people may wonder what constitutes an internet crime. Internet crimes can include a variety of online activities so it is important to be familiar with what they are.

Some common internet crimes include cyber bullying which is also sometimes referred to as cyber stalking. Cyber bullying includes the use of a computer, tablet, phone, email or other electronic communication device to harass another individual or cause that individual undue emotional stress. Internet fraud is another common category of internet crime. Internet fraud is essentially the practice of using the internet, including certain websites, to obtain money from individuals through deceptive methods.

The definition of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a concern for families and communities. Domestic violence is the leading health concern in the United States. Domestic violence allegations and charges can have a significant impact on the life of the party accused. Family violence can impact everyone in the family and domestic violence charges can have a significant impact on the personal and professional lives of the individual accused of domestic violence. It can impact the ability of the accused individual to remain in the family home and they may also face legal consequences.

As a result, it can be helpful for individuals who have been accused of family violence to be familiar with what is considered domestic violence. While domestic violence is commonly thought of as physical violence, it also includes other types of behaviors as well. Domestic violence also refers to sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse, psychological abuse, threats, harassment, stalking and cyberstalking.

Is it grand theft? Look at the value

Grand theft isn’t just about stealing cars. While automobiles are common property stolen in grand theft cases, grand theft is defined by the value of the property. There are plenty of items worth large amounts of money that could lead to grand theft charges if stolen. And the penalties can be harsh.

If you steal a large quantity of smaller items, for example, you could be charged with grand theft.

17 men in Florida charged with internet crimes

This blog recently discussed the serious nature of internet crimes. A total of 17 men were recently arrested in a nearby Florida community for soliciting sex from children via the internet. Authorities reported the child sex sting involved undercover detectives posing as underage children online and talking with individuals in both chat rooms and via instant message.

The accused individuals then allegedly drove to predetermined locations with the intention of having sex with children. The men who were arrested ranged in age from their 20s to their 60s. Allegations and charges of computer crimes can carry significant penalties and consequences that can stick with an accused individual for some time to come. Internet crimes can have lasting impact on the personal and professional lives of accused individuals.

Punch and car theft result in domestic battery, other charges

A Volusia County man was charged with a host of offenses after punching his mother in the face and stealing her car, according to Sheriff's deputies. The events occurred on Monday afternoon near DeLand.

The 20-year-old man allegedly struck his 54-year-old mother, knocking her down in her driveway, before grabbing her car keys and driving off in her car, according to investigators' reports. As they were taking the mother's statement a Sheriff's sergeant spotted the car and tried to stop it. Unfortunately, the man refused to stop and sped away on International Speedway Boulevard.

Charges of internet crimes require a strong defense

Internet crimes were not something that was around several decades ago but can carry potentially serious consequences for individuals accused of committing them. As is true of all criminal allegations, accusations and charges, individuals accused of committing internet crimes have important legal protections to be familiar with. Because criminal allegations and charges can threaten an accused individual's freedom, it is important to understand the protections in place through the criminal justice system for accused individuals.

Internet crimes can include state and federal crimes. Examples of internet crimes include solicitation of a minor; possessing or distributing child pornography; using a computer to seduce a child; traveling to meet a minor; internet fraud; computer fraud; computer hacking; cyberstalking; human trafficking; invasion of privacy; or unlawful use of a two-way communication device.

Building a strong criminal defense case under the Communications Decency Act, P.2

Last time, we began looking at the Communications Decency Act and the immunity it offers to website owners whose pages are used to engage in human trafficking and other crimes. As we noted, the federal law does currently protect website owners from the illegal activities or communications of website users, but immunity doesn’t apply when the website owner violates federal law.

Federal law regarding aiding and abetting criminal activities is an interesting issue to consider in this context. The line between aiding and abetting illegal activity on a website and simply hosting a website for users can be fine, though it can also be very clear, depending on the intent of the defendant. 

Building a strong criminal defense case under the Communications Decency Act

In our last post, we mentioned some of the criticisms against a proposed amendment to the Communications Decency Act. The measure, known as the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, proposes to remove protections for websites where sex trafficking advertising occurs, and allows for prosecution of individuals and businesses suspected of violating the law.

Under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which is the only section of the law that survived a court challenge following its passage years ago, providers and users of “interactive computer services” have immunity from any liability stemming from communications provided by other content providers. This essentially means that individuals are responsible for what they post. Based on this provision, websites have largely been able to avoid liability for the illegal activity of users. 

The consequences of grand theft auto

Stealing a car goes well beyond a petty crime. Those who think it would be funny to take someone else’s vehicle for a joyride need to be aware of the potential consequences. Penalties for this type of behavior can be harsh, and in some cases you could be putting yourself in danger.

Yes, it’s bad enough to go to jail for making a bad decision, but it’s even worse to end up dead.

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