Some people may not be aware at how high bond is sometimes set when a person is charged with a drug-related crime in Florida. This appears to be the case for one particular woman who is currently facing several charges for drug crimes in this state. The situation recently unfolded as part of an extensive investigation.

The woman is said to have fled on foot after being accused of possession and distribution of Opana, a known opioid drug that is thought to be highly addictive. Sometime later, she was apprehended and taken to a county jail. A statement issued from the sheriff’s department said the woman’s bond has been set at $310,000.

The statement also insinuated the woman was quite surprised when she learned of the high bond amount. More than 50 other people have also been arrested as part of the same official drug investigation. This does not necessarily mean the outcome will be the same in each person’s situation. The results in such circumstances often depend on how aggressive a defense those accused are able to present in court.

Being charged with serious drug crimes in Florida is obviously no small matter. A person need not wait until charges have been filed to seek guidance from an experienced criminal attorney. As soon as one becomes subject in a formal investigation, a request for defense assistance can be made. Often, the sooner one retains counsel the better, as this allows time to discuss potential strategies and options that may be available should an arrest be made at some point.

Source: New York Daily News, “Florida woman smiles at drug bust, until learning bond amount“, Suad Patton-bey, Nov. 21, 2016