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FBI monitoring a rise in email fraud

On Behalf of | May 12, 2017 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

When it comes to internet crimes, email is one of the most monitored areas for fraud. Whether it’s local law enforcement or the FBI, authorities are on the lookout for online schemes looking to defraud the unsuspecting.

Email fraud cases can have wide-ranging implications, and the penalties for committing this type of crime can be severe.

Internet fraud is often larger in scope because it can have national, or even international, implications. The FBI has seen a rise in attempted wire-transfer fraud via spoofed emails recently.

This story states that the FBI is warning people about schemes involving fake emails that appear to be from trusted business associates. According to the report, these cases involve emails that involve payment information, and appear to come from a trusted source.

When agencies like the FBI come out with reports like this, it often means they are on the lookout for these types of crimes. With billions of dollars at stake on the highest levels, anyone accused of internet fraud needs to be aware that law enforcement is watching email schemes.

Any act of using a spoofed email to gain access to sensitive data could be considered fraud. This includes personal information or corporate information such as proprietary or sensitive data.

The penalties for email fraud can be severe, and vary depending on whether the crime is charged in state or federal court. What can seem like a small phishing scheme can easily lead to serious charges.

When it comes to internet crimes, it’s important to know that authorities are consistently monitoring online activity.