This blog recently discussed the serious nature of internet crimes. A total of 17 men were recently arrested in a nearby Florida community for soliciting sex from children via the internet. Authorities reported the child sex sting involved undercover detectives posing as underage children online and talking with individuals in both chat rooms and via instant message.

The accused individuals then allegedly drove to predetermined locations with the intention of having sex with children. The men who were arrested ranged in age from their 20s to their 60s. Allegations and charges of computer crimes can carry significant penalties and consequences that can stick with an accused individual for some time to come. Internet crimes can have lasting impact on the personal and professional lives of accused individuals.

As is true of any criminal charges, accusations and allegations, accused individuals have important defense rights they should be familiar with and understand how to use. A criminal defense is based on the facts and circumstances of the situation but also on ensuring the rights of the accused individual have been protected. If the accused individual’s rights have been violated, it may form the basis to challenge evidence alleged against the accused individual.

Other criminal defense options may also be available depending on the circumstances, such as if the accused individual was entrapped by authorities. A strong criminal defense is based on the unique circumstances the accused individual is facing but it is important for accused individuals to be familiar with criminal defense rights.

Source:, “17 men arrested in Osceola County child sex sting,” Gabby Baquero, Aug. 30, 2017