Some criminal charges involving internet crimes, including child pornography charges, can have a lifetime of implications for accused individuals when considering possible probation and sex offender registry requirements. A former disc jockey was recently arrested in Florida for alleged probation violations related to a previous conviction for possessing child pornography. The man was arrested after a probation officer allegedly found 3 computers and 33 USB hard devices.

The 67-year old man was jailed without bail. He potentially faces 21 months in prison for an alleged violation of his probation which is the remainder of his original sentence. Though the man’s original child pornography conviction was in another state, he was arrested in Florida for the alleged violation of his probation. He was required to register as a sex offender for life following his initial conviction.

Internet crimes can carry serious potential penalties and consequences and it is important for accused individuals to keep in mind that alleged probation violations can also lead to additional charges and potential penalties and consequences. It is essential for individuals accused of internet crimes such as child pornography to carefully understand the charges against them, the potential repercussions and the legal options available to them. It may be possible to challenge the charges or seek reduced charges or penalties so it is important for accused individuals to be familiar with the criminal justice process.

Criminal defense options apply to every accused individual regardless of the crime or violation they have been accused of. Knowing their criminal defense options and how to develop a strong criminal defense strategy is necessary for any individual facing criminal charges and the criminal justice process generally.

Source: Bangor Daily News, “Dana Wilson in Florida jail on probation violation in child pornography case,” Judy Harrison, Oct, 20, 2017