When thinking about copyright infringement issues on the internet, it is an automatic response to think only about photos. Between blogs, memes, and the many various social media outlets, thousands of photos are stolen from their original owners every day. However, internet crimes happen every day and extend far beyond the stealing of a photograph. A recent Florida case is the perfect example.

Two individuals were recently sentenced in an Orlando case for conspiracy to commit wire fraud and copyright infringement. The couple were found to be selling illegal activation keys for Microsoft products online. By the time the crime was discovered, they had profited over one million dollars. The investigation took years to collect the necessary evidence for conviction.

In a nutshell, the pair would purchase unauthorized activation keys from various websites, then resell them to customers. Some of those worked and some did not, which led to consumer complaints tipping off the authorities. One activation key, in particular, was found to have been sold over 800 times.

Internet crime is a very serious federal charge which should never be defended alone. If a party finds him or herself in hot water for this type of crime, their very first phone call should be to an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in these types of cases. Particularly in a federal matter, it could mean the difference in a very lengthy jail sentence versus house arrest or probation. An attorney can also negotiate restitution, which can easily reach in the many thousands of dollars for federal crimes.