The state of Florida takes drug crimes extremely seriously and so should you. If you’ve been charged with any type of drug crime, you need experienced representation to help you navigate the difficult situation. These types of charges can follow a person for their entire life and there can be prison time and enormous fines.

Just because you’ve been charged with these types of crimes, however, doesn’t mean you need to accept the situation. With proper representation, everything can be done to work up a usable defense if at all possible. Every element of the crime will be investigated and examined to make sure the instance was handled properly. Even though you were involved in a drug crime, you still have rights. It is up to those who are on your side to ensure your rights were preserved during the arrest or search.

If law enforcement did not possess a warrant at the time of a search or forced you into a confession that was not entirely true, that information can be used as a defense. At Kaylor Law Group, our team of experienced attorneys uses combined knowledge to navigate these types of situations in order to formulate a strong defense and legal strategy specifically suited to your alleged crime.

There is no reason to accept punishment for a crime you did not commit, but it often takes a skilled legal hand to work through these difficult times. For more information, please visit our drug charges page and take the first steps toward your legal defense.