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Understanding drug cultivation and manufacturing charges

When individuals in Florida and elsewhere think of drug crimes, they likely think of possession for personal use, possession for distribution and the sale of illicit drugs. While these can be serious criminal charges, allegations of drug crimes could also be related to the cultivation and manufacturing of drugs. Facing such charges could mean harsh penalties. Therefore, it is important to understand the laws surrounding these crimes and how best to make a defense against them.

Three arrested in Florida for human trafficking and drug crimes

Police officers take action based on the information they are given. Whether it is information and evidence observed and collected at a traffic stop, provided by an anonymous caller or received from informants in prison, the information that law enforcement is acting on must be credible. This means that they are acting reasonably based on the situation and what evidence is present. Additionally, reasonable suspicion and probable cause are likely needed; therefore, if criminal charges and apprehension result, defendants should understand their rights and how this applies in their situation.

What are the domestic violence laws of Florida?

We have all heard that no relationship is perfect. However, no matter how difficult a relationship is, it should never turn into one that encompasses violence and abuse. Being accused of such conduct is not only damaging for the relationship with a spouse or partner but could tarnish a person's personal and professional reputation. Thus, charges for or stemming form domestic abuse should be taken seriously.

Florida traffic stop results in felony possession charge

For most motorists, being stopped by a police officer is not a major ordeal. Sure, he or she may find it inconvenient, and if a traffic citation results, he or she will likely be upset and might try to fight the ticket later on. But the reality is that a traffic violation is a rather minor offense and one that will likely result in either a warning or fines. But a minor traffic stop could be the source of a major charge, especially if officers believe another crime is occurring, such as a drug crime.

Understanding they cyber crime ransomware

The Internet is always expanding, providing new and innovative ways to accomplish tasks. Whether you are using it for school, work or at home for personal use, the Internet's vast abilities can keep a person entertained for a lifetime. While there is much positivity that can come from the Internet, there are some downsides. When it is not used properly or in the commission of a crime, this could result in criminal charges.

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