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Three arrested in Florida for human trafficking and drug crimes

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Drug Crimes, Firm News |

Police officers take action based on the information they are given. Whether it is information and evidence observed and collected at a traffic stop, provided by an anonymous caller or received from informants in prison, the information that law enforcement is acting on must be credible. This means that they are acting reasonably based on the situation and what evidence is present. Additionally, reasonable suspicion and probable cause are likely needed; therefore, if criminal charges and apprehension result, defendants should understand their rights and how this applies in their situation.

According to recent reports, three individuals were arrested in Sarasota for their presumed connection with human trafficking and drug charges. These arrests followed an investigation that began earlier this month after law enforcement received information from an inmate at the Sarasota Country Jail.

During their investigation, detectives claimed that the 28-year-old female agreed to engage in sexual activities with an undercover detective at a local hotel. Detectives also stated that a male drove the female in question to the hotel and a male passenger was in the vehicle as well. After searching the vehicle, officers located various drugs. This includes oxycodone pills, cannabis and rock cocaine.

All three were arrested. The 28-year-old female was charged with prostitution and two counts of contempt. The 25-year-old male driver was charged with two counts of human trafficking, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana and driving while license suspended. The 29-year-old male passenger was charged with possession of oxycodone and possession of marijuana.

Facing multiple drug crimes among other criminal charges could mean serious penalties. While criminal defendants may not see much hope in asserting a defense, initiating a timely and aggressive criminal defense is the best way to have the charges reduced and even dismissed.

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