Love in a relationship can die. This is often cited as a reason for ending a marriage or relationship. When fights and disputes occur, this too can be a natural course of a relationship ending. While some of these fights can get out of hand or aggressive, it is a serious accusation to make when a spouse claims the other spouse attacked him or her. Domestic abuse is a serious matter in Florida and elsewhere, and these types of allegations should also be treated seriously.

Being falsely accused of domestic violence could significantly impact the accused. It not only could result in a spouse being arrested, a protection order could be issued. This ultimately could seriously impact the divorce settlement and family law issues, such as child custody. At Kaylor Law Group, our experienced attorneys take these matters seriously.

Our law firm understands how domestic violent charges are handled in Florida. As former prosecutors, we know what the state must prove in order for these allegations to turn into a conviction. Therefore, we use this information to help us craft an effective defense strategy for our clients. Because the penalties can be harsh in these matters, we are quick and efficient when representing our clients.

A domestic abuse conviction could result in separation from the alleged victim, the inability to return to the residence, the loss of the right to possess a gun, loss of employment, mandatory jail time, anger management counseling, court costs, fines and even community service. Therefore, those facing such allegations should take the time to address the matter and protect his or her rights.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s domestic violence website. It can be a shocking situation to be charged with domestic violence. No one expects a significant other to make such claims. Thus, it is important to become well informed and aware of one’s rights and options in this difficult situation.