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Slipped note to veterinarian leads to domestic violence charges

It is our hope that when we enter a relationship or decide to get married, this relationship will be positive and loving. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a reality in society. All of us should hope to protect victims and prevent future acts of domestic violence. However, we must also balance those goals with the need for due process for those who have been accused.

The elements of a drug conspiracy charge

When we make plans and do not follow through with them, some may question whether we even intended to keep these plans in the first place. However, when the situation involves drugs, an accused offender could face charges even if they do not follow through with the plan. By conspiring with another person to commit a drug crime, a person could face charges as if he or she had actually committed the crime. Thus, when a person is accused of being involved in a drug conspiracy, it is important to treat the charges seriously by considering what defense options they might have.

What are the elements for drug possession in Florida?

Like other states, Florida is tough on drugs. Those caught in possession of drugs could face harsh penalties. While possession allegations mean that the accused likely did not manufacture, distribute or sell a controlled substance, it implies that a defendant was in possession of a controlled substance for personal use. No matter the circumstances that led to the charges, being in possession of an illegal substance could result in felony charges.

Initiating a defense against Internet crime allegations

It is hard to imagine a life without the usage of technology and connectivity to the Internet. While many benefits extend from these modern day devices, there are some setbacks. Misuse is a major issue with these and other forms of technology. While this could be a minor issue, it is also one that could pose criminal issues. In fact, a person could face criminal charges for using the Internet to further an illegal act.

Defenses for drug possession charges

Simple or major, a drug crime could land an individual in some very hot water. However, when a person is facing a drug charge, it is important to understand the details of the accusations, as details such as drug type, form and quantity can make a difference when it comes to the potential penalties faced. In addition, these details also play a major role in a criminal defense.

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