Florida is tough on drugs. Thus, when an individual is accused of a drug crime, it is likely that the penalties he or she will face are harsh. No matter the situation that resulted in a person being charged with a drug crime, it is vital to examine the situation, as the details in the matter could help the accused initiate a strong defense that could help him or her clear their name.

Being caught with drugs in your possession can result in serious consequences, such as a prison term, hefty fines and a criminal record that could impact your future. In most cases, the type of drug and the amount weighs in on the severity of the punishment as well as factors such as past criminal record. Whether you are facing minor or major penalties with the charge you face, it is important that defendants in the Lakeland area understand their defense options.

At Kaylor Law Group, we take a realist approach when determining the best defense course for our clients. We look at the evidence already available, examining it for any gaps or questionable information. From there, we initiate our own investigation to help fill in any gaps and answer any questions. Our goal is to help our clients poke holes in he prosecution case. By suppressing evidence, we can help our clients avoid conviction by making it impossible for prosecutors to prove the elements of the crime at hand.

Our law firm also takes the time to consider the procedures taken thus far in the case. Was there any police misconduct? Was there a valid and lawful search and seizure? Were any constitutional rights violated? This information can help us build a strong defense case.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s drug charges website. Drug possession charges, like any drug charge, should be treated seriously. By taking a strong and serious defense approach, defendant could experience reduced or even dismissed charges.