We don’t always see eye-to-eye with our loved ones. In some cases, this leads to simple discussions. However, it could also devolve into physical disputes. While it is not uncommon for loved ones to have arguments with one another, it is a serious matter if these disagreements get heated and turn physical. A physical altercation is not only damaging to the relationship, but could also lead to criminal charges. When individuals in Florida and elsewhere are accused of domestic violence it is important to take a stand and assert a defense.

While it can be an emotional and scary situation, just because an individual is arrested following a domestic dispute does not mean the accused will be convicted of domestic violence. These are serious allegations that can harm a person’s reputation, making it vital to understand what can be do to protect one’s rights.

At Kaylor Law Group, our attorneys have helped past clients assess their situation and begin to understand the charges against them. Our law firm works to ensure that our clients are aware of the evidence that might be used against them. Just because there is evidence, however, does not mean it is valid or will hold up in court.

Our goal is to attempt to help our clients prove that they did not commit the crimes they are accused of. Whether it is by providing additional evidence, witness testimony or other forms of evidence, we are dedicated to helping clients in the Lakeland area try to clear their name of criminal allegations.

To learn more, please visit our law firm’s domestic violence website. Being falsely accused of attacking a loved one or significant other can be extremely damaging. In addition, a person could face serious criminal penalties. It is vital to obtain proper legal guidance when initiating a criminal defense.