Whether it is at home or work, most people have a computer. Daily activities and work tasks are completed on these devices; however, because this technology can allow a person to complete such a wide range of activities, it is possible for a person to face allegations of misusing their computers. In other words, a person in Florida and elsewhere could be accused of an Internet crime that carries with it harsh penalties.

When an individual in Florida is accused of an Internet or computer crime, it is likely that his or her computer will be seized. Like any other search and seizure, certain procedures must be followed to ensure a proper and legal search and seizure took place. Failure to do so could present issues in the case, helping a defendant begin the process of suppressing evidence and poking holes in the case.

At Kaylor Law Group, our attorneys have years of experience guiding clients in the Lakeland area through the criminal defense process. We understand the importance of upholding the rights of our clients. We are prepared to aggressively protect the rights of our clients.

There are many reasons a person could be wrongfully arrested or accused for an Internet crime, and we will look into the possibility of harassment, entrapment or any other illegal steps or errors that could have resulted in criminal allegations. By fighting against the charges, we open up the possibility of reaching a deal, reducing the charges, dismissing the charges and even avoiding harsh penalties.

To learn more, please visit our law firm’s Internet crimes website. Being accused of an Internet crime is a serious matter, resulting in the accused facing personal and professional consequences. Because the penalties can be significant, it is important to explore your defense options, as this step could help a defendant reduce or dismiss the charges.