Society typically views certain drugs as more serious than others. Nonetheless, any substance that is illegal is treated seriously. Thus, when an individual is accused of a drug crime, he or she could face harsh penalties. Because of this, it is important to consider any information on the arrest and charges at hand. This could help with the investigation of the matter, which could help uncover strong criminal defense strategies.

As a previous post highlighted, crimes involving marijuana are taken seriously. This is especially true when this illegal substance is trafficked. And for those living in states where medical and recreational usage of marijuana is legalized, it is important to note that these individuals are still committing a federal crime by buying, possessing or selling marijuana.

Federal laws still treat marijuana as a controlled substance, like cocaine and heroin. And while an individual may believe that they are doing something legal in one state, the reality is that it is still against federal law, especially when a person travels across state lines.

Because marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance, the penalties associated with its possession and distribution can be harsh. This is especially true if a person is found in possession with a large quantity of marijuana. However, it is important to note that being accused of a drug crime does not automatically mean that he or she will be convicted. Defendants are abele to assert a defense, especially if they believe an unlawful search and seizure occurred.

Those facing federal or state drug charges should take these matters seriously. While it may seem difficult to assert a strong defense, it is possible to take proper action, ensuring the rights of the accused are protected. By initiating a criminal defense process, it may be possible to dismiss or reduce the charges against them.