Love doesn’t look the same from relationship to relationship. However, married or not, love should never cause hurt or pain. While some spouses or partners do not realize it right away, domestic violence can happen to anyone. And when it occurs, it can also be a challenging issue to address for both parties. When a loved one is accused of domestic violence, this should be treated seriously, as the consequences are serious. A person’s reputation can be tarnished, making it vital to explore defense options when one is falsely accused of such acts.

While it is an overwhelming situation to be in, just because a loved one has alleged domestic violence has occurred, does not mean that these allegations are automatically proven by the state. The accused party has the ability to protect their rights by asserting a defense action, and the attorneys at Kaylor Law Group have years of experience helping clients do just that.

Before initiating a defense action, our attorneys take the time to explain the severity of the matter. This means going into further detail of the potential penalties. Oftentimes, this includes separation from the alleged victim, inability to return to one’s residence, loss of you right to possess a gun, loss of your employment, mandatory jail time, anger management counseling services, court costs and fine and community service.

An individual charged with domestic violence may also face charges of false imprisonment, reckless endangerment, harassment, kidnapping, criminal trespass, sexual assault, terroristic threats and injunction or restraining order violations. In order to protect your rights to the best of your ability, you need to understand everything you have been accused of and what evidence is being used against you. This can help you develop a strong defense strategy.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s domestic violence website. No matter how severe the allegations, these matters are very sensitive, as they involve loved ones and a person’s reputation. It is important that individuals take timely to effectively address these allegations.