No relationship is perfect. Disagreements and even fights can occur, and some couples aren’t able to get along every moment they are together. While this may be normal, there are some interactions that are not normal, and can escalate to the point of domestic violence. Situations involving domestic violence are serious not only serious for the victim involved, but also for the accused. A domestic violence matter could cause an individual to endure a damaged reputation, even suffering criminal repercussions. Thus, it is vital to explore criminal defense options.

Domestic abuse can encompass a wide range of conduct. It can include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse, psychological abuse, threats, stalking and cyber stalking. Additionally, a wide range of people could be a victim of domestic violence. This includes spouses, partners, family members, children and cohabitants.

Domestic violence charges can be serious and involve someone close to the accused. This can significantly harm a defendant’s reputation while also destroying his or her relationship with the victim. It can make it difficult to move past the matter, especially with serious consequences being a possibility. If a protective order is issued, the accused will have to follow the terms of the document. Failure to do so could result in harsh penalties.

Whether you view this as a minor incident, asserting that a loved one has lied to hurt you, it is important that those accused of domestic abuse take the matter seriously. By initiating a criminal defense, defendants could take steps to clear their name and avoid harsh consequences.