In society today, it is rare for individuals in Florida and elsewhere to not have a personal computer or rely on this type of technology to complete work or personal tasks. The possibilities of this form of technology are endless, which means it is also possible for individuals to use computers in ways they are not familiar with. Whether it is something minor or much more severe, individuals may face allegations of computer crimes. This can be an overwhelming experience, as the penalties could be severe.

At Kaylor Law Group, our law firm understands the privacy rights of individuals when it comes to being investigated for an Internet or computer crime. These charges can be complex, making it unclear to individuals what rights they actually have when it some to being searched or having their privacy infringed on.

Our skilled attorneys have years of experience handling these matters and we understand what constitutes a legal search and seizure and when private property rights are infringed. Thus, our goal is to not only help our clients understand the process but also aggressively protect these rights when helping them navigate through the criminal defense process.

Whether you were harassed, entrapped or had your rights violated, it is vital to fully understand your matter. Our law firm can help you, and you can learn more at our Internet crimes website. Taking legal action and initiating a criminal defense could help the accused reduced and even dismiss the charges against them. This ultimately could help one avoid the harsh penalties that often follow a conviction of this crime.