Individuals in Florida and elsewhere are aware that a person facing a criminal charge could be facing multiple charges stemming from one event. For example, a simple traffic violation could cause officers to search the vehicle, resulting in drug charges because of drugs found in possession of the motorist. In other cases, the commission of another crime may have resulted in a search and the uncovering of an illegal substance. This too could result in a drug crime being charged against the accused offender.

A similar situation recently occurred in Florida. Based on preliminary reports, the estranged son of the famous South Florida rapper, Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell from the group 2 Live Crew, is facing multiple charges after allegedly stealing a vehicle. The 25-year-old was stopped after a tag reader alerted authorities that the vehicle he was operating was reported as stolen.

Police stopped the vehicle at the 1200 block of Washington Avenue in Miami Beach, and a woman was inside the vehicle during the traffic stop. A search of the vehicle was conducted, resulting in a bad of white substance being found in his pocket. It is suspected to be cocaine. He was arrested for grand theft auto, possession of a controlled substance and driving with a suspended license. This is not the young man’s only run-in with the law. He has been previously arrested for grand theft auto, burglary with assault and battery and witness tampering.

When an individual has a criminal past and is currently facing new criminal charges, it is important to take the matter very seriously. Many factors come into play when being sentenced for a drug crime, and it is vital that a defendant understand this and what could be done to develop a strong criminal defense strategy.