Whether it is a traffic stop, an arrest or a lengthy investigation, when a search is conducted, law enforcement can turn up a wide variety of evidence. In some cases, narcotics and other drugs could be uncovered, resulting in drug charges. For some defendants, a drug charge may not be the underlying charge he or she is facing; however, these drug charges can be just as or even more serious when it comes to the potential criminal consequences.

According to recent reports, two Fort Myers women were arrested. A joint investigation that involved the secret service resulted in the recovery of thousands of dollars in counterfeit bills as well as a large stash of illegal narcotics. After a month of investigation, detectives in the area executed a search resident on a resident in North Fort Myers.

During the search, investigators apparently located two inkjet printers, Exacto Knives, multiple boxes of paper that is commonly used to print counterfeit currency, about $2,000 of counterfeit U.S. currency, roughly $5,000 in uncut counterfeit U.S. currency and other bill making materials. In addition to counterfeiting material, detectives also uncovered a collection of narcotics that included controlled prescriptions, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and Fentanyl.

Both women were arrested in the bust. It was reported that both the 32-year-old female and the 44-year-old female have been incarcerated on multiple occasion over the last few years. The younger woman was charged with multiple counts of drug trafficking while the older woman was charged with possession and manufacturing of counterfeit currency.