Like most states, Florida has cracked down on drug crimes. While this means addressing problems and issues associated with drug use and distribution, it also means many individuals facing serious penalties if they are suspected of committing a drug crime. Because the criminal consequences can be harsh, it is vital for those accused of such a crime to explore their criminal defense options.

Whether it was in connection with a traffic stop, sting operation or search of a home, when a person is accused of a drug crime, it is important to understand how the charges evolved. At Kaylor Law Group, our skilled attorneys can help defendants fully understand their situation and what options they have.

Designing a criminal defense is just that, a specifically designed defense action that is unique to the situation. Our law firm takes into consideration the past, present and future of our clients, helping them achieve an optimal outcome for their matter. Whether that is a plea bargain, reduced charges or even fighting for an outright dismissal, out attorneys can help you navigate the defense process.

Facing a drug possession charge can mean severe consequences. Depending on the type of drug and the quantity a person was allegedly in possession of, the penalties can be quite serious, resulting in imprisonment and hefty fines. Our law firm is well aware of these consequences, which is why we work hard and diligently to develop a defense that pokes holes in the prosecution’s case. Our efforts have in the past helped with the suppression of evidence and even getting charges dropped.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s drug crimes page on the firm website. Facing a drug charge is an emotional and overwhelming matter. Therefore, it is vital to explore what rights one has when asserting an aggressive defense to clear one’s name and avoid serious criminal consequences.