As previous post have discussed, disputes among loved ones can elevate to hostile situations. These matters could evolve into having law enforcement called, having one arrested for supposed violence. These situations are treated seriously, as acts of domestic violence can be very detrimental for individuals and families. However, being accused of such acts is a challenging and emotional event, causing major hardships.

Being accused of domestic violence is just that, an accusation. One cannot be convicted and penalized for these allegations until the state proves these charges. Thus, the attorneys at Kaylor Law Group are focused on guiding individuals in the Lakeland area through these matters, helping them take the necessary steps to protect his or her rights.

The penalties associated with domestic violence charges can be severe. This could include consequences such as being separated from the alleged victim, the inability to return to his or her residence, loss of employment, the loss of the right to possess a gun, possible jail time, anger management, community service and court costs and fines. Because these penalties are serious and could significantly impact one’s life, it is vital to consider defense actions. By challenging evidence and poking holes in the case, defendants could clear their name and avoid harsh penalties.

Our law firm is aware how trying and challenging these criminal allegations can be; therefore, we are dedicated to helping our clients work through these matters and develop a strong criminal defense strategy. To learn more, check out our law firm’s domestic violence website. By becoming informed, individuals can take steps to protect his or her rights in this and any other criminal matter.