The Internet holds many possibilities. Users are capable to completing tasks most do not even realize are possible. While there are many legal uses of computers and the Internet, there are also a long list of illegal activities that can be completed via a computer. It is also possible that individuals are wrongfully accused of committing an Internet crime when they in fact were acting lawfully. Nonetheless, these individuals still need to explore defense options if charged with a crime.

For instance, online fraud comes in many forms, one of them being an online scam. One growing trend in online fraud involves money mules. This is when an individual, unwittingly or not, utilizes their own bank account to move around money for criminals, perhaps for reasons that he or she thinks are legitimate or even noble. For example, someone could assume the identity of an executive of a company and request an employee to transfer money. Such an act could result in serious criminal charges that carry severe penalties, such as years in prison and hefty fines.

Mules are often targeted individuals, chosen because they are elderly, lonely or easily confused. However, they are often presumed to be part of the operation to transfer money for a criminal or criminal activity. However, given the details of the situation and the level of persuasion and trickery involved, it is possible to assert a defense against such a charge.

Like any criminal allegation, it can be an overwhelming, stressful and confusing matter. It is best if defendants take the time to explore their rights and options. This helps ensure that they are initiating the strongest defense possible, assisting with the reduction or dismissal of the charges against them.