Not all relationships and marriages are perfect. Issues come up, and if they can overcome it, the relationship will move forward. While fighting is not ideal in any situation, it is likely to occur at some point in every relationship. However, these fights could escalate, causing some to take steps that could significantly impact both of their lives. Domestic violence is a serious situation; therefore, filing a restraining order is a major step that can carry with is severe consequences.

When one is facing a restraining order, it is important to take this seriously, as having a restraining order against you can be a grave matter. While one may go through steps to defend against restraining order, if the order is put in place, one must follow the terms of the restraining order.

Violating a restraining order could hold serious penalties for an individual. The penalties that result depend on the type of offense; however, these will likely result in fines, jail time or increased restrictions. Depending on the offense, one could face a misdemeanor or felony charge.

The penalties associated with these offenses will be based on how the order was violated and what harms resulted. In cases where these order was issued because of a domestic violence incident, it is likely that the penalties will be harsher when the order is violated.

Much like it is important to take defensive steps when a restraining order is initially filed, it is equally important to defend yourself when you are accused of violating a restraining order. Thus, it is important to explore your defense options, as doing so could help you navigate this matter, protect your rights, clear your name and help you avoid harsh penalties.