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Penalties for violating a protective order

Following certain events, individuals in Florida and elsewhere may take steps to prevent these incidents from occurring again. In matters involving domestic violence, an individual may file for a protective order. This legal injunction is used to protect the person that filed it from future abuse. This means that the other person must stay away from them and even possible avoid any contact with them by any means.

What does domestic violence look like?

Whether it is between spouses, significant others, family members or a parent and child, disagreements happen. Unfortunately, these incidents can evolve into an altercation, resulting in serious allegations being made. Situations involving domestic violence are treated seriously and can result in harsh penalties for those convicted of this crime. Thus, these matters should be treated seriously, as false allegations could impact a person's life.

Are you accused of online identity theft?

When facing any type of criminal charge, you may immediately want to work on your defense. While this desire is certainly important in this type of situation, you may want to remember that having the right information could help you when creating that defense.

Helping you assert a defense against drug possession charges

The state of Florida has been cracking down on drug crimes, and this is evident in the penalties one could face if convicted. Whether it is minor possession, possession with the intent to distribute or drug trafficking, drug charges have the ability to follow a person around. Whether it is their personal or professional reputation, having a drug charge on one's record could impact a person for the rest of their life.

Six arrested in drug-related sting operation

Drug charges in Florida and elsewhere can carry with them significant penalties. While some minor drug crimes have minor consequences, if the accused has a criminal record, facing even a minor drug charge could have significant outcomes if convicted. Thus, it is also important to take these charges seriously, especially if one is accused of a lager operation.

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