Whether it is between spouses, significant others, family members or a parent and child, disagreements happen. Unfortunately, these incidents can evolve into an altercation, resulting in serious allegations being made. Situations involving domestic violence are treated seriously and can result in harsh penalties for those convicted of this crime. Thus, these matters should be treated seriously, as false allegations could impact a person’s life.

What does domestic violence look like? Domestic violence is often referred to as spousal abuse. This is because it often involves physical and psychological repetitive abuse, which is often referred to as a cycle of violence. This crime could be treated very seriously and often depends on three factors. This includes the severity of the injuries suffered by the victim, whether a minor was present and whether a protective or restraining order was violated.

The acts that could result in a domestic violence charge can range greatly. While severe offenses such as rape and murder constitute domestic violence, they also consist of lesser forms, such as slapping, pushing and stalking. Domestic abuse is not only physical. It can also consist of sexual abuse, emotional abuse and economic abuse. Any of these situations could result in an individual being charged with domestic violence.

While it may seem like a minor situation, incidents of domestic violence are not minor. Criminal charges could occur, and a person accused of such a crime could endure penalties that impact his or her life for years. Thus, it is imperative that defense options are explored. This can help the accused not only avoid harsh consequences but also help clear their name, as these matters have the ability to tarnish one’s personal and professional reputation.