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Probation violation may come at a great cost

Waiting for the outcome of your criminal trial may have been one of the most frustrating and upsetting times you have experienced. If the possibility of jail or prison loomed ahead of you, you may have been relieved and overjoyed when the court ordered probation instead. Being on probation means serving your time outside of jail. You can continue to live at home, possibly remain in your job and enjoy the privileges of freedom.

Asserting a defense against Internet crime allegations

There are many places individuals in Florida expect privacy. While this is commonly his or her residence, vehicle and person, this can extend to other places such as a computer. What a person does on the Internet and on their computer is done so with the expectation that it will remain private. However, if one is suspected of committing an Internet crime, this could impede this expectation of privacy. And if a search and seizure is carried out because of these allegations, it may be possible to use this information during a criminal defense strategy.

What are the penalties for cocaine possession?

There are many reasons why Florida is a popular area. The warm weather, the proximity to the ocean and the local vegetation all make this state a popular place to travel to and even live. The fact that the state is a peninsula gives it access on three sides to open water. This factor alone has made the state known for a less positive reason, and that is for importing illegal substances. The close proximity to other nations has caused some drugs to impact the state. Take cocaine, for example. Since the 1980's, Florida has faced an influx of cocaine importation, causing the sate to take a strong stance against it.

What is cyberbullying?

The possibilities when it comes to the Internet seem to be endless. And because the capabilities go beyond anyone's needs, it is possible to have one's Internet or computer usage to look as though one is misusing this form of technology. Thus, individuals in Florida and elsewhere could end up facing criminal allegation if it is suspected that the alleged offender used the Internet to complete a crime. Because Internet crimes are complex, it is essential to fully understand the situation, what defense options are available and the potential penalties one might face.

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