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Reasons a drug arrest goes awry

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2020 | Drug Crimes |

Whether your drug-related arrest was on account of overzealous law enforcement, cops who previously targeted you and hoped to set an example, or deputies who subscribe to an “arrest-quota” mentality, you understand that your life is in an upheaval.

The arrest merely marks the beginning of what promises to be a catacombs-like walk through the legal system. Resolution awaits. However, things can work in your favor, especially if law enforcement neglected to follow legal protocol, busting you on a technicality or relying on blatant abuse of power.

Unreasonable search and seizure

Incarceration, probation and steep fines hang above your head if you face a drug charge. You do not want a conviction to taint your personal or professional life, so a crucial step for you is enlisting an experienced criminal defense attorney who will analyze your case and pick it apart.

Like everyone else, law enforcement must abide by rules when it comes to arrests. Here are some scenarios that could benefit you following a drug arrest if:

  • The arresting officer broke any laws.
  • The officers failed to read your Miranda rights, which protect you from self-incrimination and inform you of your right to retain an attorney.
  • Your arrest did not involve a reasonable search and seizure. They cannot just break into your home.
  • Authorities planted the drugs in your home, office, vehicle or on your body.
  • The drugs did not belong to you.
  • The arrest and criminal charge marked the first on your record.

You have a lot riding on a drug charge. That is why it remains critical to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who can work to get the charges reduced or dismissed.