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How Can Possession Charges Affect College?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

College students are inexperienced at navigating the world on their own. Now that they’re out of the house, they may take that newfound freedom and run with it. When a student inevitably makes a mistake that can affect them legally, the repercussions could cascade down into their personal, academic and future professional careers. Despite the relaxed status in other states, drugs like marijuana are not legal for Florida’s recreational use. Here are some ways that a drug possession charge could impact a student’s life:

Graduate School Admissions: Grad schools require disclosures regarding prior offenses and past criminal convictions. Though the presence of a conviction would not necessarily rule a student out from admittance, this could tip the scales against them in favor of a prospective student with a clean record in a competitive market. 

Internships/Jobs: Most jobs require a background check to bring up any records of a conviction. These records could also include arrests and charges. Sometimes expunged convictions will continue to be accessible through the background check. There 

Student Financial Aid: A conviction could make a student ineligible for federal student aid. A student has to report any drug crimes on a FAFSA form. Students who are already receiving financial aid may have to give a portion of that aid back if it coincides with a conviction. 

Student Status: Most schools have some drug policy in place. This policy usually has clauses for drug charges and convictions. For some schools this may mean a suspension, while for others, it could mean expulsion and the denial of future readmittance. 

Planning for a student’s future

It’s scary to think that such an easy mistake could affect the rest of a student’s life. You want your children to learn from their lessons and overcome those times to carve out the future they deserve. Explore the options available for dealing with a drug possession charge.