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What is "constructive possession" in a drug crime?

Some drug charges seem relatively straightforward. For example, it is understandable that when in Florida, if found with illegal drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, one could be charged with a drug crime. However, it is possible to be in possession of drugs even if they are not on one's physical person. This is through a legal concept known as "constructive possession."

Reported methamphetamine trafficking bust leads to 44 arrests

Following a national investigation into the trafficking of methamphetamine, 44 individuals were placed under arrest, and 50 pounds of the alleged drug were seized. It is estimated that the drugs would be worth $1.4 million if sold on the street. It is alleged that the meth originated in Mexico, and was delivered to other parts of the U.S., including Polk County.

What are the penalties for cocaine possession?

There are many reasons why Florida is a popular area. The warm weather, the proximity to the ocean and the local vegetation all make this state a popular place to travel to and even live. The fact that the state is a peninsula gives it access on three sides to open water. This factor alone has made the state known for a less positive reason, and that is for importing illegal substances. The close proximity to other nations has caused some drugs to impact the state. Take cocaine, for example. Since the 1980's, Florida has faced an influx of cocaine importation, causing the sate to take a strong stance against it.

Helping you assert a defense against drug possession charges

The state of Florida has been cracking down on drug crimes, and this is evident in the penalties one could face if convicted. Whether it is minor possession, possession with the intent to distribute or drug trafficking, drug charges have the ability to follow a person around. Whether it is their personal or professional reputation, having a drug charge on one's record could impact a person for the rest of their life.

Six arrested in drug-related sting operation

Drug charges in Florida and elsewhere can carry with them significant penalties. While some minor drug crimes have minor consequences, if the accused has a criminal record, facing even a minor drug charge could have significant outcomes if convicted. Thus, it is also important to take these charges seriously, especially if one is accused of a lager operation.

What is a conspiracy charge?

Facing allegations of a drug crime can be difficult. In some cases, those accused are faced with the challenging task of trying to clear his or her name when there are presumed accomplices involved. Drug charges can range greatly, and they depend on the factors of the situation. When more than one person is involved, this could result in a drug conspiracy charge. Such a charge could result in harsher penalties if a conviction occurs.

NFL running back faces drug charges following traffic stop

An NFL running back is facing drug charges following a January traffic stop in Florida. Mark Walton, running back for the Cincinnati Bengals, reportedly is facing a marijuana possession charge after officers alleged smelled marijuana and found drugs in his vehicle during a traffic stop.

How serious are drug possession charges?

Police stop individuals for various reasons. In some instances, a driver may be speeding and is pulled over. In other cases, an officer might be suspicious of someone's activities and decides to stop and question that individual. In these or other instances, a search could be conducted. And, during this search, drugs could be uncovered. In these matters, the accused could face drug possession charges.

Law strengthened to enhance sentences for repeat offenders

Criminal allegations means different things to different people; however, it is likely an overwhelming and stressful time for anyone no matter the severity of the crime. For those with a criminal history, facing a criminal charge can be more problematic, as it is likely that past convictions could result in more serious penalties if a conviction occurs. Therefore, those facing drug charges should understand how current laws could impact sentencing.

Asserting a defense against drug possession charges

Like most states, Florida has cracked down on drug crimes. While this means addressing problems and issues associated with drug use and distribution, it also means many individuals facing serious penalties if they are suspected of committing a drug crime. Because the criminal consequences can be harsh, it is vital for those accused of such a crime to explore their criminal defense options.

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