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Florida laws for heroin drug charges

It is clear that Florida and other states are tough on drug in general. The state seeks to reduce the amount of illegal substances being sold and used. As a means to deter such conduct, drug statutes penalize possession, sale, manufacturing and trafficking on such substances. Based on the type of drug in question, a defendant could face a wide range of penalties.

Helping you assert a defense against drug charges

Florida is tough on drugs. Thus, when an individual is accused of a drug crime, it is likely that the penalties he or she will face are harsh. No matter the situation that resulted in a person being charged with a drug crime, it is vital to examine the situation, as the details in the matter could help the accused initiate a strong defense that could help him or her clear their name.

The elements of a drug conspiracy charge

When we make plans and do not follow through with them, some may question whether we even intended to keep these plans in the first place. However, when the situation involves drugs, an accused offender could face charges even if they do not follow through with the plan. By conspiring with another person to commit a drug crime, a person could face charges as if he or she had actually committed the crime. Thus, when a person is accused of being involved in a drug conspiracy, it is important to treat the charges seriously by considering what defense options they might have.

What are the elements for drug possession in Florida?

Like other states, Florida is tough on drugs. Those caught in possession of drugs could face harsh penalties. While possession allegations mean that the accused likely did not manufacture, distribute or sell a controlled substance, it implies that a defendant was in possession of a controlled substance for personal use. No matter the circumstances that led to the charges, being in possession of an illegal substance could result in felony charges.

Defenses for drug possession charges

Simple or major, a drug crime could land an individual in some very hot water. However, when a person is facing a drug charge, it is important to understand the details of the accusations, as details such as drug type, form and quantity can make a difference when it comes to the potential penalties faced. In addition, these details also play a major role in a criminal defense.

Devising a defense strategy against drug charges

For the most part, we are aware of our rights. Every U.S. citizen is afforded certain rights under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment is one often relied on when an individual is accused of a crime. This Amendment extends certain protections, especially when it comes to searches and seizures. When faced with a drug charge, defendants could rely on this right when devising a criminal defense. Challenging evidence based on an unlawful search and seizure could help a defendant avoid harsh penalties.

Florida meth statutes and criminal penalties

Criminal statutes surrounding drug crimes can be strict, outlining harsh penalties for those accused of the crime. Therefore, even when it is a person's first offense, the criminal consequences can be life altering, impacting the accused's personal and professional life. Thus, it is important that defendants understand these laws, the details of their situation and how they can use this and other information to strategize a criminal defense.

Understanding drug cultivation and manufacturing charges

When individuals in Florida and elsewhere think of drug crimes, they likely think of possession for personal use, possession for distribution and the sale of illicit drugs. While these can be serious criminal charges, allegations of drug crimes could also be related to the cultivation and manufacturing of drugs. Facing such charges could mean harsh penalties. Therefore, it is important to understand the laws surrounding these crimes and how best to make a defense against them.

Three arrested in Florida for human trafficking and drug crimes

Police officers take action based on the information they are given. Whether it is information and evidence observed and collected at a traffic stop, provided by an anonymous caller or received from informants in prison, the information that law enforcement is acting on must be credible. This means that they are acting reasonably based on the situation and what evidence is present. Additionally, reasonable suspicion and probable cause are likely needed; therefore, if criminal charges and apprehension result, defendants should understand their rights and how this applies in their situation.

Florida traffic stop results in felony possession charge

For most motorists, being stopped by a police officer is not a major ordeal. Sure, he or she may find it inconvenient, and if a traffic citation results, he or she will likely be upset and might try to fight the ticket later on. But the reality is that a traffic violation is a rather minor offense and one that will likely result in either a warning or fines. But a minor traffic stop could be the source of a major charge, especially if officers believe another crime is occurring, such as a drug crime.

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