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Record Sealing And Expunging Attorneys

Has your long-ago brush with the law continued to hang over your head?

With the advent of Internet and computer record-keeping, exhaustive background checks and investigations by employers, even the most minor criminal offense can plague your private life and job prospects.

A record sealing or expungement of your case may be in order.

You can depend on our veteran Florida defense lawyers’ over 50 years of combined experience. Matthew Kaylor, David S. Kaylor and Brenda P. Ramirez are respected former prosecutors who feel that you should not have to continue to pay for a mistake made so far in the past.

The sealing of your record or expunging of a conviction can give you a new lease on life.

Kaylor Law Group is Polk County’s criminal defense firm. We have two convenient law office location for you to choose from — in Lakeland, and Lake Wales. One easy toll-free phone number reaches them all: 888-868-0331.

Contact us so we can discuss your goals of record sealing or expunging. We are also accessible by email.

Kaylor Law Group Knows The Importance Of Record Sealing And Expunging

Our lawyers will work with you and draft your Certificate of Eligibility in order to petition the court to seal or expunge your records. Our lawyers’ objective will be the destruction of your criminal files by all law enforcement and government agencies. If eligible, when that is accomplished, you will be able to lawfully deny any knowledge of the arrest or arrests previously contained in the file.

Sealing Vs. Expunging A Criminal Record

When your criminal record is sealed, the general public will not be able to access it, however certain government entities will still be able to view the contents of your record. When your record is expunged, government agencies that would have had access to your sealed record will be told that the record has been expunged and, absent a court order, they would not be able to view your record.

When you have paid your debt to society but find that even the most minor conviction in your distant past is still interfering with your professional progress, contact us. Let’s discuss the clean slate you are fully entitled to, in a free consultation with the Kaylor Law Group.

For Experienced Post-Conviction Representation, Call Our Law Office Toll Free

The number to call in Polk County is 888-868-0331. Our attorneys can meet with you on weeknights or weekends, if that is more convenient. Nuestros abogados hablan Español.