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Did You Receive A Traffic Ticket In Polk County?

Before you pay that ticket, think of the potential consequences, which may include higher insurance rates, points on your driving record and possible suspension of your driver’s license. Give yourself a fighting chance in court by speaking with an experienced defense attorney.

Kaylor Law Group: Polk County’s Traffic Defense Firm.

If you have been cited for a traffic offense in Polk County, lawyers David S. Kaylor, Matthew Kaylor and Brenda Ramirez of the Kaylor Law Group can help you. We have a reputation for results that can make a difference in protecting your driving record.

Contact any of our Kaylor Law Group offices in Polk County and Central Florida. One toll-free phone call can secure your free consultation with our attorneys — call us at 888-868-0331.

Experienced, Aggressive Defense Against Traffic Offenses In Polk County

Our attorneys will work hard to minimize the consequences of a traffic ticket. In most cases, we can appear in court for you so you will not have to miss work to travel to the courthouse. Over the years, we have successfully defended clients against a wide range of DUI and traffic offenses, including:

Contact us from wherever you are ticketed in Central Florida. The Kaylor Law Group can help. Our law offices are located in Lakeland, and Lake Wales.

Toll-Free Phone Call, Free Initial Consultations

Our number is 888-868-0331. We are also available by email. We keep meeting schedules flexible for weeknight or weekend appointments. Our attorneys and staff speak fluent Spanish.