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What constitutes computer crime?

Computers and the internet have changed the world. As technologies improve, people here in Florida, across the nation and across the world spend more of their lives online. Back when Neil Armstrong famously set foot on the moon, it took a room of computers with less memory and computing power than the smartphone on which you may be reading this article.

The outspoken Sheriff Grady Judd

The story began with a traffic stop for speeding. It soon escalated to a fleeing fugitive killing a police officer and his dog, as well as the shooting of another officer. It ended with a SWAT team opening fire on the suspect when they saw him with a gun in his hand. In all they fired 110 bullets, with 68 of them hitting the suspect.

Stolen firearms and grand theft

The theft of a firearm in Florida is a third degree grand theft felony no matter the value of the weapon. That’s significant when taking into consideration that first degree petit theft, which is only a misdemeanor, is property valued between $100 and $299 and used firearms can sell for under $200.

What are Florida’s penalties for theft?

The state of Florida includes many different crimes under the term “theft”: Larceny, stealing, misappropriation, conversion and other illegal activities. Florida divides charges of theft into two different categories: Petit theft, and grand theft. Of the two charges, petit theft is less serious—it means that the state will prosecute the crime as a misdemeanor. Grand theft, however, is much more serious. In a grand theft, the state has decided to prosecute the theft as a felony.

Is it grand theft? Look at the value

Grand theft isn’t just about stealing cars. While automobiles are common property stolen in grand theft cases, grand theft is defined by the value of the property. There are plenty of items worth large amounts of money that could lead to grand theft charges if stolen. And the penalties can be harsh.

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