Group Photo of Attorney David and Matthew
Group Photo of Attorney David and Matthew
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Skilled Representation Against Severe Allegations

Any type of domestic violence, assault or stalking accusation is very serious, with the potential to affect your future, reputation, family and more. When you face allegations that lead to a protective injunction, you need a skilled criminal defense team on your side.

The attorneys at the Kaylor Law Group have over 50 years of combined experience. As former Florida prosecutors, they bring a unique perspective to cases involving violence or assault, understanding how the state approaches such cases. Together, we leverage our experience to defend individuals across Polk County against severe domestic violence allegations.

Defense Against All Forms Of Protective Injunctions

Florida has several different forms of protective injunctions, which essentially act as restraining orders. These include:

  • Domestic violence injunction. This is filed against family members, household members or the other parent of a child.
  • Sexual violence injunction. Allegations of sexual violence can include sexual battery, offenses involving children and more.
  • Dating violence injunction. This requires an affectionate, rather than casual, relationship that occurred within the past six months.

If the issue is stalking, an injunction could be sought for conduct that includes harassment, cyberstalking or more, and requires proof of at least two incidents.

There is also a repeat violence injunction. The alleged victim must prove at least two violent or stalking incidents, including one within the past six months.

Violations of an injunction can result in changes to a child custody order, steep fines, up to one year in jail, the loss of your right to possess a firearm and more.

Guarding Against The Consequences Of An Injunction

As the recipient of an injunction, you cannot contact the alleged victim in any way, even if they contacted you first. You also cannot live in the same home as them or come within a certain distance.

We can review the injunction to advise you of your rights, before representing you in the hearing to follow. We will work to build a strong case in your defense to guard against the consequences of a permanent injunction.

Consult With A Skilled Lawyer

Do not wait to speak with an experienced lawyer once you have an injunction against you. Schedule a free initial consultation at our Lakeland office. We offer weeknight or weekend appointments for your convenience.

Call us locally at 863-614-1681, toll-free at 888-868-0331 or send us an email. Nuestros abogados hablan Español.