Group Photo of Attorney David and Matthew
Group Photo of Attorney David and Matthew
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Charged With A Violent Crime In Polk County?

Were you goaded into a fight in a public place?

Were you merely defending yourself and your family against a home invasion?

Regardless of the assault and battery charges brought against you, we have the skilled lawyers who can protect your rights.

David S. Kaylor and Matthew Kaylor of the Kaylor Law Group in Lakeland are former prosecutors with your best interests at heart. Since leaving the Polk County State Attorney’s Office, they have successfully defended hundreds of people accused of serious crimes such as assault and battery.

Kaylor Law Group: Polk County’s Criminal Defense Firm.

Aggressive Legal Representation For Your Assault And battery Case

Penalties for assault and battery that our lawyers work hard to help you avoid include:

  • Mandatory jail time and counseling
  • Court costs and fines
  • Community service
  • Lifetime criminal record

If you are accused of assault and battery, you will need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney who has handled these challenges many times before.

You have rights that must be protected in criminal cases of assault and battery. Discuss the charges against you during your free consultation with the Kaylor Law Group criminal defense attorneys in Polk County.

Speak With The Kaylor Law Group Today, Toll Free — 888-868-0331

You can contact us at our conveniently located law office in Lakeland. We can meet with you in an evening or weekend appointment, if necessary.