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Polk County Attorneys Defending Against Concealed Weapons Charges

The Kaylor Law Group provides strong, effective criminal defense to clients facing concealed weapons charges. Our reputation is based off the results we get for our clients. Our lawyers do everything in their power to get our clients the best possible resolution of their criminal charges.

Concealed Firearm Defense

Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit is illegal in Florida. However, the laws regarding what is and is not considered “concealed” are complex, and police officers often get it wrong.

A gun is “concealed” if it is hidden on your person, or is concealed from sight but in a place that is readily accessible to you — such as under the driver’s seat of your car. However, if it is in a glove compartment, trunk or other area that is beyond your immediate reach, it is not “concealed” under the eyes of the law.

Unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon is a felony offense. If convicted you may be sentenced to up to five years in prison, $5,000 in fines and five years of probation.

At the Kaylor Law Group, we thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and the placement of the weapon. If the gun was not within your immediate control or was not “concealed,” you cannot be charged with illegal possession. We also examine police action. If police lacked probable cause to stop and search you, we will fight to have your charges dismissed.

Experienced, Effective, Local

Over the years, attorneys Matthew and David Kaylor built a reputation for being dedicated, effective litigators. During their time spent working with the prosecution, they developed good working relationships with local prosecutors and judges. They know how the criminal justice system operates and know how to make the laws work for you.

Contact us today at 863-614-1681 or 888-868-0331 for a free and confidential consultation. Nuestros abogados hablan Español.