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At Kaylor Law Group, our attorneys provide aggressive, effective defense against a wide range of criminal charges. Matthew Kaylor, David S. Kaylor and Brenda P. Ramirez are all former Polk County prosecutors. We know how the state will build its case against you, and what it takes to tear its case apart.

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With long-standing roots in Polk County, we understand the local court systems, know how local police departments work, and have good working relationships with local prosecutors and judges. We have participated in more than 160 jury trials, winning acquittals in everything from DUI to burglary to first-degree murder.

We also use our litigation skills to help people injured by the negligence or wrongdoing of others pursue proper compensation.

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    The possibilities when it comes to the Internet seem to be endless. And because the capabilities go beyond anyone's needs, it is possible to have one's Internet or computer usage to look as though one is misusing this form...

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