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How serious are drug possession charges?

Police stop individuals for various reasons. In some instances, a driver may be speeding and is pulled over. In other cases, an officer might be suspicious of someone's activities and decides to stop and question that individual. In these or other instances, a search could be conducted. And, during this search, drugs could be uncovered. In these matters, the accused could face drug possession charges.

How serious are drug possession charges? This is typically the charge a person faces when in possession of an illegal substance for personal use. The individual probably is not suspected of manufactured the drug, or distributing trafficking or selling the drug.

Penalties for violating the CAN-SPAM Act

We all get e-mails that we do not want. In most cases, these e-mails will get quickly deleted. However, some of these e-mails are repeatedly sent out with the hope of reaching a larger audience. Although this is allowed to a certain extent, when it comes to commercial messages, businesses that take part in this type of messaging must comply with certain laws. Violation of these laws could result in penalties.

The CAN-SPAM Act is a set of rules that establishes the requirements for commercial messages. In addition to that, it outlines a recipient's right to have a business stop emailing them. Finally, it spells out the penalties for violating this act.

Defense against domestic violence allegations

As previous post have discussed, disputes among loved ones can elevate to hostile situations. These matters could evolve into having law enforcement called, having one arrested for supposed violence. These situations are treated seriously, as acts of domestic violence can be very detrimental for individuals and families. However, being accused of such acts is a challenging and emotional event, causing major hardships.

Being accused of domestic violence is just that, an accusation. One cannot be convicted and penalized for these allegations until the state proves these charges. Thus, the attorneys at Kaylor Law Group are focused on guiding individuals in the Lakeland area through these matters, helping them take the necessary steps to protect his or her rights.

What are the penalties for violating a restraining order?

Not all relationships and marriages are perfect. Issues come up, and if they can overcome it, the relationship will move forward. While fighting is not ideal in any situation, it is likely to occur at some point in every relationship. However, these fights could escalate, causing some to take steps that could significantly impact both of their lives. Domestic violence is a serious situation; therefore, filing a restraining order is a major step that can carry with is severe consequences.

When one is facing a restraining order, it is important to take this seriously, as having a restraining order against you can be a grave matter. While one may go through steps to defend against restraining order, if the order is put in place, one must follow the terms of the restraining order.

Accusations of cocaine-related crimes could have hefty penalties

When authorities accuse you of a crime, your life can change considerably from that moment. Even if you do your best to defend against charges, the accusations could follow you for years to come. If the allegations are particularly serious, you could face a number of difficult obstacles ahead of you as you work through your case.

If investigators believe that you had some sort of involvement in crimes involving cocaine, you are in a serious predicament. You can face severe charges and possible consequences if convicted of any cocaine-related allegation in Florida. Therefore, you may want to understand some information regarding such charges.

Law strengthened to enhance sentences for repeat offenders

Criminal allegations means different things to different people; however, it is likely an overwhelming and stressful time for anyone no matter the severity of the crime. For those with a criminal history, facing a criminal charge can be more problematic, as it is likely that past convictions could result in more serious penalties if a conviction occurs. Therefore, those facing drug charges should understand how current laws could impact sentencing.

Recently, the Supreme Court augmented a federal law designed to enhance sentences for repeat offenders for serious crimes. And in a recent case, the Florida court backed the government and found that robbery under Florida law would qualify as a crime of physical force. This then can trigger the Armed Career Criminal Act. This 1984 law targets repeat offenders, causing sentence enhancements for offenders who unlawfully possess a firearm and have been convicted of three drug crimes or other serious felonies.

Understanding domestic violence charges

Whether it was a fight that stemmed from the busy holiday season or something that has been a relationship issue for some time, fights are fairly common in relationships and families. However, what is not common or acceptable are fights that elevate to physical or threatening altercations. These matters are treated very seriously, and when one alleges a domestic assault occurred, the accused could face serious consequences.

Domestic violence could mean several things. It could include repetitive physical abuse, ongoing psychological abuse or even involve a cycle of violence. The details of the matter are factors when charging the accused with the crime. Common factors include the severity of the injuries suffered by the victim, whether a minor was present and whether a protective or restraining order was violated in the commission of the presumed crime.

Serious penalties for money mules and online scammers

The Internet holds many possibilities. Users are capable to completing tasks most do not even realize are possible. While there are many legal uses of computers and the Internet, there are also a long list of illegal activities that can be completed via a computer. It is also possible that individuals are wrongfully accused of committing an Internet crime when they in fact were acting lawfully. Nonetheless, these individuals still need to explore defense options if charged with a crime.

For instance, online fraud comes in many forms, one of them being an online scam. One growing trend in online fraud involves money mules. This is when an individual, unwittingly or not, utilizes their own bank account to move around money for criminals, perhaps for reasons that he or she thinks are legitimate or even noble. For example, someone could assume the identity of an executive of a company and request an employee to transfer money. Such an act could result in serious criminal charges that carry severe penalties, such as years in prison and hefty fines.

Hacking comes in many forms and could lead to criminal charges

Most people here in Florida and elsewhere consider the internet a technological gift. Through it, they can shop, learn and stay in touch with people who live far from them, among other things. As is the case with most advances in society, it could also be used against those same people.

Hacking has been around as long as there have been computers. The internet only made it easier. These breaches of internet security expose sensitive and private information belonging to others. Manipulating or deleting this information could cause a significant amount of harm to those targeted.

Asserting a defense against drug possession charges

Like most states, Florida has cracked down on drug crimes. While this means addressing problems and issues associated with drug use and distribution, it also means many individuals facing serious penalties if they are suspected of committing a drug crime. Because the criminal consequences can be harsh, it is vital for those accused of such a crime to explore their criminal defense options.

Whether it was in connection with a traffic stop, sting operation or search of a home, when a person is accused of a drug crime, it is important to understand how the charges evolved. At Kaylor Law Group, our skilled attorneys can help defendants fully understand their situation and what options they have.

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