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What are the penalties for violating a restraining order?

No couple or family is perfect, and fights and disputes are very likely to happen at some point. While these are common events in any type of relationship, there are some disputes that are not acceptable. When an argument turns violent or involves threats of harm, it could be considered a domestic abuse matter. When such an event occurs, it is likely that the victim will file for a restraining order in an attempt to prevent further incidents.

Being accused of domestic abuse does not only mean facing the potential penalties associated with this criminal act but also enduring the restrictions of a restraining order if one is involved in the matter. Thus, it is important to understand what penalties could result if an accused offender is also accused of violating a restraining order.

Son of Florida rapper arrested for drugs and grand theft auto

Individuals in Florida and elsewhere are aware that a person facing a criminal charge could be facing multiple charges stemming from one event. For example, a simple traffic violation could cause officers to search the vehicle, resulting in drug charges because of drugs found in possession of the motorist. In other cases, the commission of another crime may have resulted in a search and the uncovering of an illegal substance. This too could result in a drug crime being charged against the accused offender.

A similar situation recently occurred in Florida. Based on preliminary reports, the estranged son of the famous South Florida rapper, Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell from the group 2 Live Crew, is facing multiple charges after allegedly stealing a vehicle. The 25-year-old was stopped after a tag reader alerted authorities that the vehicle he was operating was reported as stolen.

Chain of custody applies to computer crimes too

In the movies and on TV, crime scene technicians gather evidence by putting it into baggies, labeling it and sealing it. Doing so establishes a "chain of custody," which is designed to maintain the integrity of the alleged evidence. It tracks who has access to the material and when they access it along with how, where and when police collected it.

This may work for physical evidence, but when it comes to computer crimes, things get a bit more complicated. Even so, establishing chain of custody remains a priority. Without it, it would be nearly impossible to ensure that no one tampered with or otherwise compromised the material that prosecutors ultimately attempt to say is evidence that you committed a crime.

Available defenses for drug possession

Whether you are stopped for a traffic violation, were served a warrant to search your residence or were stopped on the street on the suspicion of a crime, being subjected to a search is an overwhelming and uncomfortable process. One is likely to feel vulnerable and on edge, wondering what may come of this search. If law enforcement uncovers an illegal substance, this could result in drug charges.

Being in possession of a drug does not necessarily mean that the accused was in possession of the drug or that they must endure the consequences associated with such a crime. It is possible to assert a defense to help them avoid criminal penalties. The most common route to take in these situations is to assert an unlawful search and seizure. This means that law enforcement either missed a step or failed to follow procedures when conducting a search or seizing an item. If it is established that an illegal search occurred, a defendant could use that to suppress evidence or even have the charges dismissed.

What are the penalties for cyberbullying?

In the days of modern technology, we can accomplish many things with a click of a button. Residents in Florida and elsewhere look at this as an efficient and effective way to live; however, technology is not exclusively good and beneficial. Much bad and wrongdoings can be accomplished through technology, making it a source of criminal allegations.

While bullying has been problematic since the start of time, it has grown to be a hot topic issue in schools across the nation. With the help of modern technology and the internet, bullying has elevated to new levels, making it not only more problematic but also creating new ways to accomplish this devastating task. No one wants to be labeled a bully much like no one wants to face criminal consequences for bullying a person online.

Guiding you through a defense against internet crime allegations

In society today, it is rare for individuals in Florida and elsewhere to not have a personal computer or rely on this type of technology to complete work or personal tasks. The possibilities of this form of technology are endless, which means it is also possible for individuals to use computers in ways they are not familiar with. Whether it is something minor or much more severe, individuals may face allegations of computer crimes. This can be an overwhelming experience, as the penalties could be severe.

At Kaylor Law Group, our law firm understands the privacy rights of individuals when it comes to being investigated for an Internet or computer crime. These charges can be complex, making it unclear to individuals what rights they actually have when it some to being searched or having their privacy infringed on.

Two Fort Meyers women arrested for counterfeiting and drugs

Whether it is a traffic stop, an arrest or a lengthy investigation, when a search is conducted, law enforcement can turn up a wide variety of evidence. In some cases, narcotics and other drugs could be uncovered, resulting in drug charges. For some defendants, a drug charge may not be the underlying charge he or she is facing; however, these drug charges can be just as or even more serious when it comes to the potential criminal consequences.

According to recent reports, two Fort Myers women were arrested. A joint investigation that involved the secret service resulted in the recovery of thousands of dollars in counterfeit bills as well as a large stash of illegal narcotics. After a month of investigation, detectives in the area executed a search resident on a resident in North Fort Myers.

Understanding your right to remain silent

If you have ever watched a crime show, you have probably watched a scene during which a person is answering questions either in an interrogation or on the stand in a courtroom. The prosecution may ask a question to which the defendant may reply, "I plead the Fifth." This is not just entertaining television -- the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is real, and it may be important for you to understand more about it.

As a citizen of the United States, the Fifth Amendment protects you from having to incriminate yourself. This means you do not have to act as a witness against yourself for the benefit of the prosecution. This is an important right, one that you can yield in the event that you find yourself facing criminal charges.

What are the penalties for drug distribution in Florida?

Being caught with a controlled substance is likely to result in a criminal charge. In many cases, it could mean facing serious penalties; however, this is dependent on various factors, including the type of controlled substance, the quantity involved, the criminal background of the accused and other circumstances surrounding the charges.

What are the penalties for drug distribution in Florida? The state of Florida, like other states, takes a strong stance on the sale and distribution of controlled substances. The penalties associated with these crimes are dependent on the charge.

What domestic violence looks like?

No relationship is perfect. Disagreements and even fights can occur, and some couples aren't able to get along every moment they are together. While this may be normal, there are some interactions that are not normal, and can escalate to the point of domestic violence. Situations involving domestic violence are serious not only serious for the victim involved, but also for the accused. A domestic violence matter could cause an individual to endure a damaged reputation, even suffering criminal repercussions. Thus, it is vital to explore criminal defense options.

Domestic abuse can encompass a wide range of conduct. It can include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse, psychological abuse, threats, stalking and cyber stalking. Additionally, a wide range of people could be a victim of domestic violence. This includes spouses, partners, family members, children and cohabitants.

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