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Helping you assert a defense against drug charges

Florida is tough on drugs. Thus, when an individual is accused of a drug crime, it is likely that the penalties he or she will face are harsh. No matter the situation that resulted in a person being charged with a drug crime, it is vital to examine the situation, as the details in the matter could help the accused initiate a strong defense that could help him or her clear their name.

Being caught with drugs in your possession can result in serious consequences, such as a prison term, hefty fines and a criminal record that could impact your future. In most cases, the type of drug and the amount weighs in on the severity of the punishment as well as factors such as past criminal record. Whether you are facing minor or major penalties with the charge you face, it is important that defendants in the Lakeland area understand their defense options.

What is an injunction for protection against domestic violence?

No relationship is perfect. We all find a time where we do not agree with our significant other or we just simply do not get along. However, these times are often few and far between, and they are easily resolved and moved past for most couples. Unfortunately, some relationships have instances of major disputes that turn violent or abusive. In these cases, a spouse or partner may take steps to end domestic abuse against them. However, these steps could mean serious consequences for the accused abuser if an injunction is filed.

What is an injunction for protection against domestic violence? This is an order used to protect against domestic violence. It is sometimes referred to as a restraining order. This court order is used to prevent or stop an accused abuser from doing certain acts. This includes conduct such as abusing the petitioner, contacting them or even coming near them.

Identity theft and potential penalties

While it might not seem apparent on a daily basis, the reality is that a person's identifying information is extremely valuable. So valuable, in fact, that some will seek to steal it from others. Whether it is through theft or trick, it is possible to steal the identity of others, using it for financial gains. This is a serious action, and those accused of committing identity theft should take it seriously, as it could result in harsh penalties for the accused.

The state of Florida takes identify theft seriously, penalizing individuals for even minor acts. In the simplest form, a person commits identity theft by assuming the identity of another person by presenting him or herself as this other person as a means to enjoy financial gain. This could include assuming a person's name, address, telephone number, date of birth, driver's license number, social security number and other identifying information.

When is a sting entrapment?

In the war on drugs, law enforcement has a lot of leeway. Some of the methods used by Florida police involve infiltrating the world of drug trafficking. However, when it comes to violating your rights to make an arrest, there is a line they may not cross.

If an undercover cop recently arrested you for buying or distributing drugs, you may have many questions about the validity of your arrest and the possibility that police entrapped you. With your future on the line, you would benefit from having an experienced legal professional examine the details of your case for evidence that police stepped over the line.

Slipped note to veterinarian leads to domestic violence charges

It is our hope that when we enter a relationship or decide to get married, this relationship will be positive and loving. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a reality in society. All of us should hope to protect victims and prevent future acts of domestic violence. However, we must also balance those goals with the need for due process for those who have been accused.

According to recent reports, a Florida man was arrested recently after a woman slipped a note to a veterinarian, stating that she needed help because, she said, her boyfriend was armed and threatening her. Officers in Volusia County arrested then man for allegedly holding his girlfriend captive for two days.

The elements of a drug conspiracy charge

When we make plans and do not follow through with them, some may question whether we even intended to keep these plans in the first place. However, when the situation involves drugs, an accused offender could face charges even if they do not follow through with the plan. By conspiring with another person to commit a drug crime, a person could face charges as if he or she had actually committed the crime. Thus, when a person is accused of being involved in a drug conspiracy, it is important to treat the charges seriously by considering what defense options they might have.

In general, conspiracy exists when two or more people agree to commit an illegal act. This applies to almost any unlawful act a person could commit. Then, a person must take some form of action towards the completion of the supposed act. People should note that the action taken does not need to be a crime itself. The act only needs to indicate that those involved in the conspiracy had knowledge of the plan and they intended to break the law. It is possible to be charged with both the conspiracy to commit the crime as well as the underlying crime itself. This is based on the crime, the circumstance surrounding it and whether or not the crime was completed.

What are the elements for drug possession in Florida?

Like other states, Florida is tough on drugs. Those caught in possession of drugs could face harsh penalties. While possession allegations mean that the accused likely did not manufacture, distribute or sell a controlled substance, it implies that a defendant was in possession of a controlled substance for personal use. No matter the circumstances that led to the charges, being in possession of an illegal substance could result in felony charges.

What are the elements for drug possession in Florida? For the most part, being in possession of a controlled substance, with the exception of medical marijuana through a doctor's recommendation, may be charged as a felony. With regards to simple possession, this could result in misdemeanor charges.

Initiating a defense against Internet crime allegations

It is hard to imagine a life without the usage of technology and connectivity to the Internet. While many benefits extend from these modern day devices, there are some setbacks. Misuse is a major issue with these and other forms of technology. While this could be a minor issue, it is also one that could pose criminal issues. In fact, a person could face criminal charges for using the Internet to further an illegal act.

Cyber stalking is one of these matters. This criminal act occurs when an individual uses the Internet to stalk or harass an individual, group of people or an organization. This can include acts such as making false accusations, defamation, slander or libel. In some cases, it could also include conduct such as threats, vandalism, solicitation, identity theft or the gathering of information to threaten, embarrass or harass. Those accused of such a crime are faced with a serious accusation that could tarnish his or her reputation. This is why it is important individuals in the Lakeland area explore their criminal defense options.

Defenses for drug possession charges

Simple or major, a drug crime could land an individual in some very hot water. However, when a person is facing a drug charge, it is important to understand the details of the accusations, as details such as drug type, form and quantity can make a difference when it comes to the potential penalties faced. In addition, these details also play a major role in a criminal defense.

Those accused of drug possession, whether it is for personal use or for the supposed intent to sell, there are defense options available. While some defense strategies are more common than others, one should note that there is a variety of options available to them.

Devising a defense strategy against drug charges

For the most part, we are aware of our rights. Every U.S. citizen is afforded certain rights under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment is one often relied on when an individual is accused of a crime. This Amendment extends certain protections, especially when it comes to searches and seizures. When faced with a drug charge, defendants could rely on this right when devising a criminal defense. Challenging evidence based on an unlawful search and seizure could help a defendant avoid harsh penalties.

Florida takes a strong stance on drug crimes. As a means to crack down on this type of criminal activity, the state actively seeks to catch those in possession of drugs or attempting to traffic them. Because these types of crimes carry harsh penalties, defendants should take the matter seriously. At Kaylor Law Groups, our skilled attorneys have years of experience handling these types of cases. Our goal is to give our clients the best possible outcome available to them.

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