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Asserting a defense against Internet crime allegations

There are many places individuals in Florida expect privacy. While this is commonly his or her residence, vehicle and person, this can extend to other places such as a computer. What a person does on the Internet and on their computer is done so with the expectation that it will remain private. However, if one is suspected of committing an Internet crime, this could impede this expectation of privacy. And if a search and seizure is carried out because of these allegations, it may be possible to use this information during a criminal defense strategy.

Facing a computer or Internet crime can be a confusing time. Whether it is Internet fraud, cyber stalking, possession of child pornography, computer hacking, unlawful use of a two-way communication device or any other similar criminal allegations, one may not fully appreciate everything that is going on. This makes it vital for them to understand what has happened and what outcomes could occur. In some cases, an Internet crime could cause one to endure harsh penalties. Thus, having a legal team on your side can be the best step to take.

What are the penalties for cocaine possession?

There are many reasons why Florida is a popular area. The warm weather, the proximity to the ocean and the local vegetation all make this state a popular place to travel to and even live. The fact that the state is a peninsula gives it access on three sides to open water. This factor alone has made the state known for a less positive reason, and that is for importing illegal substances. The close proximity to other nations has caused some drugs to impact the state. Take cocaine, for example. Since the 1980's, Florida has faced an influx of cocaine importation, causing the sate to take a strong stance against it.

Thus, the penalties associated with cocaine possession are serious. If an individual is found in possession of more that 28 grams of cocaine, this is considered to be trafficking, resulting in a first-degree felony charge. However, for those found with just a small amount of the drug, it may be possible to qualify for a drug diversion program if they are a first-time offender.

What is cyberbullying?

The possibilities when it comes to the Internet seem to be endless. And because the capabilities go beyond anyone's needs, it is possible to have one's Internet or computer usage to look as though one is misusing this form of technology. Thus, individuals in Florida and elsewhere could end up facing criminal allegation if it is suspected that the alleged offender used the Internet to complete a crime. Because Internet crimes are complex, it is essential to fully understand the situation, what defense options are available and the potential penalties one might face.

What is cyberbullying? This occurs when the Internet or mobile technology is used to harass another person, intimidate them or cause another harm. Bullying has been an issue that has been around for some time; however, with cyberbullying, this conduct does not only occur in the school setting or among the youth. This form of bullying can occur in any age group and can carry with it serious criminal penalties.

Penalties for violating a protective order

Following certain events, individuals in Florida and elsewhere may take steps to prevent these incidents from occurring again. In matters involving domestic violence, an individual may file for a protective order. This legal injunction is used to protect the person that filed it from future abuse. This means that the other person must stay away from them and even possible avoid any contact with them by any means.

In Florida, the terms of this order can be detailed and extensive, and for a person that believes that the allegations of domestic violence were false, having a protective order in place could result in added problems and even potential penalties if it is not followed exactly. In general, these orders last a year; however, they can be reapplied for an additional year each time it expires.

What does domestic violence look like?

Whether it is between spouses, significant others, family members or a parent and child, disagreements happen. Unfortunately, these incidents can evolve into an altercation, resulting in serious allegations being made. Situations involving domestic violence are treated seriously and can result in harsh penalties for those convicted of this crime. Thus, these matters should be treated seriously, as false allegations could impact a person's life.

What does domestic violence look like? Domestic violence is often referred to as spousal abuse. This is because it often involves physical and psychological repetitive abuse, which is often referred to as a cycle of violence. This crime could be treated very seriously and often depends on three factors. This includes the severity of the injuries suffered by the victim, whether a minor was present and whether a protective or restraining order was violated.

Are you accused of online identity theft?

When facing any type of criminal charge, you may immediately want to work on your defense. While this desire is certainly important in this type of situation, you may want to remember that having the right information could help you when creating that defense.

If Florida authorities accused you of online identity theft, you may want to dig deeper into what that means exactly. Certainly, you may already know that they think you have used someone else's personally identifiable information for your own personal gain, but how do they think you gained that information?

Helping you assert a defense against drug possession charges

The state of Florida has been cracking down on drug crimes, and this is evident in the penalties one could face if convicted. Whether it is minor possession, possession with the intent to distribute or drug trafficking, drug charges have the ability to follow a person around. Whether it is their personal or professional reputation, having a drug charge on one's record could impact a person for the rest of their life.

Whether you've defended yourself against criminal allegations before or not, it is important to have a good understanding of the criminal defense process. Drug charges can be very serious, and the attorneys at Kaylor Law Group know this. Thus, they are dedicated at helping individuals in the Lakeland area devise a strong defense strategy that is right for them.

Six arrested in drug-related sting operation

Drug charges in Florida and elsewhere can carry with them significant penalties. While some minor drug crimes have minor consequences, if the accused has a criminal record, facing even a minor drug charge could have significant outcomes if convicted. Thus, it is also important to take these charges seriously, especially if one is accused of a lager operation.

According to recent reports, authorities arrested six individuals in Winter Haven, following a sting operation. Reports indicated that undercover officers purchased both heroine and crack cocaine near The Church of God The Bibleway.

What is a conspiracy charge?

Facing allegations of a drug crime can be difficult. In some cases, those accused are faced with the challenging task of trying to clear his or her name when there are presumed accomplices involved. Drug charges can range greatly, and they depend on the factors of the situation. When more than one person is involved, this could result in a drug conspiracy charge. Such a charge could result in harsher penalties if a conviction occurs.

What is a conspiracy charge? In general, this occurs when there are two or more people that agree to commit an unlawful act and some action occurred towards the completion of this act. While the actions taken do not need to be criminal, the actions must indicate that the person accused was involved. In other words, this means that they knew of the plan to commit the crime and they intended to break the law. This could result in a person facing conspiracy charges even if the actual crime was never committed.

Who could accuse you of domestic violence here in Florida?

Families and loved ones often have squabbles. In fact, many people consider marital arguments a sign of healthy relationships. However, some altercations could get out of hand, and if certain actions prohibited under law take place, it is possible that charges of domestic violence could result.

If authorities have brought such allegations against you, you may feel a myriad of emotions. Your mind may have running thoughts about how this situation happened, what the charges mean, how can you defend yourself and what punishment could result if a court convicts you. Though you likely feel panicked at such thoughts, staying calm and gaining information about your predicament may prove wise.

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