Group Photo of Attorney David and Matthew
Group Photo of Attorney David and Matthew
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Arrested For A Serious Probation Violation In Polk County?

If you have been charged with a technical violation of your probation, or you were accused of a new offense violation while on probation, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney right away. The Kaylor Law Group has protected the rights of people on probation for many years.

Matthew Kaylor and David S. Kaylor worked as prosecutors at the Polk County State Attorney’s office before becoming criminal defense lawyers. They know that you could be one probation violation away from being sent back to jail, to serve the full sentence for the original crime.

Kaylor Law Group: Polk County’s Criminal Defense Firm.

Are you accused of violating the provisions of your probation or community control program? Kaylor Law Group knows how Florida’s criminal justice system works, and they will put their knowledge and experience to work for you. Contact the Kaylor Law Group‘s law office in Lakeland today, toll free.

Skilled, Aggressive Probation Violations And Community Control Defense

Technical violations of your probation in Central Florida could include:

  • Failed drug testing
  • Nonpayment of costs
  • Being out of residence
  • Changes to a residential address without permission
  • Curfew violations
  • Absconding
  • Failure to report to your probation officer

We also represent people who have been classified as Violent Felony Offenders of Special Concern (VFOSC).

Our attorneys do everything in their power to force the State to uphold its burden of proof. If the State cannot prove that your alleged probation or community control violation was “willful and material,” your charges will be dismissed.

Your probation and community control status are vital to your future. Reach out to our Kaylor Law Group lawyers for the legal help you need.

Your Free Initial Consultation With The Kaylor Law Group

We are available toll free, day or night, and we promptly return all messages left at 888-868-0331. You can also contact us online. Your first meeting with our attorneys is always free of charge.