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Fighting To Protect Your Rights And Freedom

Florida has cracked down on drug crimes. A criminal conviction for drug possession or drug trafficking is serious business. You could be looking at a lengthy prison term, substantial fines and a criminal record that will follow you everywhere.

If you or a loved one was charged with drug possession, our lawyers can help. We will attack the state’s evidence and closely examine police behavior, including search and seizure procedures and warrants. If your constitutional rights were violated, we will fight to suppress evidence and have your case dismissed.

To give yourself every chance in court, the assistance of a skilled drug crimes defense lawyer is essential. At the Kaylor Law Group, in Polk County, we have three effective drug defense lawyers. Together, David S. Kaylor and Matthew Kaylor will do everything they can to put this crisis behind you and return you to your family.

During their more than 50 years of combined criminal defense experience, our attorneys have won acquittals in cases from DUI to first-degree murder.

Defending Your Interests Against A Wide Array Of Charges

Did your arrest result from the violation of your rights? Our dedicated, aggressive criminal defense lawyers will get to the bottom of why you were charged and if the arrest was legal.

If you were subject to entrapment, searched without a warrant or probable cause, or badgered into a false confession, we want to know about it. We handle cases involving illegal substances such as cocaine and crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine and ecstasy, as well as illegally obtained prescription drugs.

We aggressively defend your interests at trial in drug crime cases such as:

  • Possession of drugs: Florida takes a strong stance on drugs and has strict mandatory sentencing guidelines. The more drugs found in your possession, the longer your mandatory prison sentence.
  • Distribution or sale of drugs: If you are caught selling or transporting drugs in Florida, you are facing serious felony charges, even if the police did not catch you in the act of selling.
  • Growing marijuana: If the police raided your home and you have been charged with this crime, we will use every tool in our arsenal to defend you. These crimes carry significant penalties, including lengthy prison terms depending on the amount of marijuana seized.
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs: Drugs such as Xanax and OxyContin are highly addictive. If you obtained these drugs without a prescription, it’s our view that you need treatment, not a criminal record.
  • Federal drug charges: If you are charged in federal court, you face the potential of a lengthy prison sentence.

Speak With Polk County’s Criminal Defense Firm Today

Don’t risk being found guilty of a drug possession or drug trafficking crime you did not commit. Contact our Kaylor Law Group law office in Lakeland. We can help. Your initial consultation with our trusted lawyers is also free of charge. The phone number is 888-868-0331.

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