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Failure To Register As A Sex Offender In Florida

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For most criminal offenders, their sentence is over after their fines are paid and jail time served. Unfortunately, for convicted sex offenders, government oversight continues for years.

Under Florida law, convicted sex offenders must repeatedly report to the local sheriff’s office every few months and within 48 hours of any change in residence or employment. Offenders must also submit to having their photograph and fingerprints taken. If you fail to comply with any of these reporting requirements, you can be charged with failure to register.

Failure to report or update your registration is a felony. If convicted, you face fines and up to five years in prison.

At the Kaylor Law Group, our attorneys are experienced, aggressive and effective. We use every legal tool in our arsenal to defend our clients’ rights and protect their freedom.

Penalties For Failure To Register As A Sex Offender

Florida has strict sentencing guidelines. Each offense carries a set point value. The more points on your record, the longer your prison sentence. If you were convicted of a sex offense, failure to register will add new points to your record, often resulting in a long prison term.

If you were charged with failure to register, you need experienced lawyers working on your defense. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined legal experience. We act quickly and take immediate steps to protect our clients’ rights. We can help you.

We prepare every case for trial. Local prosecutors know we won’t back down, and we won’t compromise our clients’ rights to make a deal.

Avoiding Registration Through Florida’s Romeo And Juliet Laws

In Florida, convicted sex offenders can petition the court for exemption from registration requirements under the state’s Romeo and Juliet law. This law comes into play in very limited circumstances:

  • The offense was sexual battery or lewd or lascivious conduct
  • The act was consensual and involved a minor aged 14 or older
  • The alleged victim and offender were not more than four years apart in age

At the Kaylor Law Group, we will do everything in our power to protect our clients from sex offender registration. If you qualify under the act, we will build strong petitions that convince judges to exempt our clients from registration requirements.

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