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Experienced, Aggressive Defenses Against Federal Charges

Are you facing federal charges for importing and distributing drugs, a white collar computer crime or a serious weapons violation?

Your life and freedoms could be on the line. Too much is at stake to risk your future to a law firm that hasn’t proven itself in court. Don’t gamble with inexperience, contact the Kaylor Law Group — a full-service criminal defense law office in Polk County. Our lawyers have the proven talent and reputation to represent you.

Kaylor Law Group: Polk County’s Criminal Defense Firm.

Matthew Kaylor, David S. Kaylor and Brenda P. Ramirez have combined for more than over 50 years of experience, 160 jury trials and victories in criminal cases ranging from DUI to first-degree murder. They are Polk County natives and former prosecutors in the county state attorney’s office. They will work hard to protect your rights.

We can evaluate your federal crimes case, free of charge. Arrange your free initial consultation with our attorneys by calling toll free: 888-868-0331.

The Kaylor Law Group — More Than 160 Jury Trials

David S. Kaylor and Matthew Kaylor aggressively protect your rights in federal crimes cases involving:

We prepare our cases carefully and thoroughly. We explore every avenue and research every detail that could clear your name. We call upon a network of investigative resources that analyzes evidence and provides expert testimony.

In drug cases, we look carefully for any evidence of illegal search and seizure. If you were entrapped, framed or a victim of circumstance, we will get to the reasons behind your apprehension. Any arrest procedure that is not exactly “by the book” will not escape our scrutiny.

Contact our Kaylor Law Group law office in Lakeland by phone or email.

Free Initial Consultations — 888-868-0331, Toll Free — Se Habla Español

If you cannot come to us, we will come to you. Evening and weekend appointments are available.